February 10, 2018

From the Mayors Desk:

05/24/2019 : I would like to give a brief update to all residents. We are submitting the last of our paperwork for FEMA and PEMA. We also have the Army Corps of Engineers involved in a storm water and runoff study. The elected officials have been working hard at making a difference to this destruction we are facing each storm with intense rainfall and storms. I ask everyone to remain strong and continue to help one another and we will prevail.

Resolution approved to help mitigate flooding and we continue to work to improve our community. Short term solutions is preparing ahead of these storms and your local responders have been doing a great job with this so thank them.

Code Enforcement Officer: Part Time Officer hired and will be taking on the written complaints as they come in and folks be patient the complaints are over whelming.

Police: We will be getting a new police car shortly. Our department has been very busy in cases and arrests so please if you have an emergency dial 911 if non emergency dial 570-695-3131.

Thanks Mayor Ney. Tremont Strong!

08/18/2018 Please review the updates on the Flooding page of this website. Thanks Mayor Ney. Tremont Strong!!


Good Morning: With the heavy rains that have been affecting this community, and the communities surrounding ours in this County. I need all residents in our community to remain TREMONT STRONG! Our community will continue to monitor the storms, the National Weather Service still has a Flash Flooding in effect so if you have low line areas please monitor and take immediate cover. As most of you know the water comes up rapidly.

We have been and continue to monitor the water and sewage in this area. We did have some sewage concerns with the pumping station done yesterday and crews working to address this need. So if in doubt may need boil water advisories. Please use caution.
Out of our 800 households we have over 200 affected by this natural disaster. 190 of our homes have minor damage. About 20 homes have major damage which had water to there first floor from 18 inches to 6 feet of water.
As many of our residents know we have been dealt by mother nature with a nasty amount of rain over the past three floods. Any local storm is causing localized flooding for us. Ground is completely saturated. The water runoff is excess.
We have declared state of emergency. Curfew is from 9pm now until 7 am. Normally it is 11pm til 7 am. This will be in effect until further notice. Limited access into our community. I will continue as Mayor to strive for safety of our responders and residents and need to limited quests coming into our community.
We have our local business affected by the disaster. Local Mid Penn Bank, Family Dollar, Local Pizza Shop. Our Nursing Home has been slightly affected but still in full operation and we have been working closely with them. We will continue to reach out with Mid Penn Bank, Family Dollar, and Local Pizza Shop on there needs. Dayton Superior was affected again as well. Our smaller business like flower shop and need to reach out to them on there needs. We have been very overwhelmed and Armed Security and Emergency Powers granted to folks to provide Police assistance in our community.
I am again asking for our community to dig one more time deeper and come together and not get defeated. Continue to help one another, Let’s Continue to pray for Strength, Hope, Faith, and Love for one another.
Let’s continue to work thru the anger and frustration and emotions we all are facing and we will prevail!
One again reminder we are in recovery phase. Damaged homes, water in basements, we have crews to assist. Our local volunteers have been stretched to the limit. Do not lose faith or hope in them. The have already had over 40 answered calls to pumping details. They have been a great help in opening up drains that were blocked. Have provided assist with dive teams on 3 swift water rescues and gathering 15 households to safety. We have had no fatal deaths. No injuries. Safety is our concern. Mutual Aid units have been brought in to aid our community so let them assist you.
Again we have dumpsters being placed near spring street in family dollar lot. W Laurel Street and Union Street so give us time to get them established. We have a local set of volunteers to get appliances get them to the curb.
American Red Cross, Savage Army have been actively involved in emergency shelter food and also we have many active missionary groups coming to assist over the next few days. I plead to you to allow these good people to come to our rescue. Chaplain and Counseling will also be available.
I spoke with Governor Wolfe yesterday and advised me to contact his chief of staff for unmet needs, I have had many conversations with Schuylkill County EMA, I met with Representative Tobash, I have pleaded for emergency money. I reached out to County Commissioner George Halcovage. I am begging and will continue to strive for assistance. We have had some churches stepping up to aid us until we see assistance. We have been working on emergency loan and our local bank had to close with this disaster so we are indeed, by far reached a low but will not fail. We will continue to strive for help and I as our Mayor need you guys behind our local officials and know we will not stand alone.
Stay Well, Stay Safe
Mayor Ney

Curfew is back to normal time 11pm. Quality of Life is on hold until we can get these properties all cleaned up from the recent floods so please work dignity at getting our community back to normal again. Help a neighbor and lets stay strong!

On behalf of our Elected Officials and myself I want to express my thanks to so many organizations that have assisted and continue to assist us on this recent disaster so look for more to follow on this in the weeks to come so i dont miss anyone. the support everyone has given us is amazing and we still have more on the way so stay strong residents we will prevail from this storm and stay well.. mayor ney

Reminders: Leash Law, High Weeds and Grass Ordinance, Curfew will be enforced.

Any resident wanting to purchase and flower planter for down on the main street in our lower business district please contact Dee’s Flowers directly. Cost of the flower planter’s are $50 and we would like to thank Dee’s Flowers, Tuke’s, and the TCO for there support into the watering of our flower planter’s.

06/13/2018 Folks I will be attending and Police Conference from June 17. 2018 until June 21, 2018 so I may have limited time available. If you contact the Mayor’s Office and do not get a response please contact the Borough Secretary and she can reach me and page or call me to return your call and help you with any concerns you may have.

06/13/2018 During our June 13, 2018 meeting council made a big stride in assisting our customer service and safety of our Police Officers by allowing approval for our Duty Officer Phone that will be a new mobile phone number for you to receive calls and to return calls to our on duty officer. It will allow you to leave them phone messages. This will improve our service greatly and help us to our mission as Tremont Police Department. Thanks Council for the support !!!!! Check back with the phone number and it will be updated on the Police Department Page.

03/07/18   3:30 PM Snow Emergency for Tremont has been lifted! All residents can resume regular parking. Thank you for your cooperation!

03/06/18 8:30 PM Tremont Borough Snow Emergency Routes in effective from March 7, 2018 6am until March 8, 2018 at 6am.

E & W Laurel Streets with Line Street included from Union Street to W Main Street

E & W Main Streets from Union Street to W Laurel Streets

Clay Street

North Street

Spring Street

Thanks any questions or concerns

Ricky A Ney Jr

Mayor of Tremont Borough



* WHAT…Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 8
inches, with localized amounts up to 10 inches on the higher
elevations, are expected.

* WHERE…Portions of central Pennsylvania.

* WHEN…From midnight tonight to 8 PM EST Wednesday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on difficult travel conditions,
including during the morning commute on Wednesday. Be prepared
for significant reductions in visibility at times.

Mayor’s Office:   139 Clay Street Suite 1 Tremont PA 17981

Business Phone # : 570-695-3406

Mayor Ricky A Ney Jr Pager #: 570-621-1070

Resident Complaint Form: This form  was created to assist our Residents in issues and concerns. Forms available in the hallway at Borough Office.

Dumpster Permit Applications: Fee is $50 for permit. its valid for 3 months from date of issue. $25 Retainer Fee will be refunded if dumpster is removed within the allotted time frame.

Parking Ordinances: Will be strictly enforced as of January 2, 2018 and forward. Asking residents to be accountable for looking at signage, meters and abiding by laws.

Landlord Ordinance: Enforcement will begin again as of January 2, 2018 and forward. All landlords in our borough will be made aware of mandatory reporting to our borough hall within 15 days of the leasing the property. All tentants over the age of 18 must be included on the Occupancy Notice Form. Form is located in the borough hallway.

Quality of Life : Enforcement again to start by our local police department.

Leash Law:   Upcoming date for a seminar on our local ordinance.